The word that seems to send shivers down people’s spine….Why? It’s the last paycheck we will receive! Although it’s the last one, the bills keep coming in. We can work for 35 years and in this time we have to put away enough money to live for the next 25 years, or do we merely just exist!!

Super does not have to be the mind field many people think it is, when we talk super we cover the 3 superannuation vehicles being Industry, Retail and SMSF or Self-managed. Whatever class you are in, and have decided to invest in, the most important aspect is to “engage”. What do we mean by this? Simply to review what you have and how it will suit your end financial needs and wants. We are all investing on a weekly basis into super yet most people spend more time buying a pair of shoes than reviewing their superannuation each year.

Media advertising focuses on the fees associated within our superfund’s which we all have to pay.  However people rarely invest in themselves and take the opportunity to pay a professional a fee to review what they have. It could be easy as implementing a simple strategy that enables you to have a better lifestyle in retirement. The return is worth the investment……who would not want this??

That is the goal at QSA…review, engage, act and enjoy…..we are all in charge of our own destiny.

A quick questionnaire…

  • Have you looked at spouse contribution?
  • Have you ever reviewed super splitting with your spouse?
  • Do you receive the Government co contributions?
  • Do you salary sacrifice?
  • If over 55 Do you access your super now…TTR?

If you answered No to any of the above…there maybe room to increase your retirement lifestyle.